In this captivating story, told through the eyes of a young black man, A. J. Sam masterfully describes the horrors of American slavery and the indomitable spirit of those who not only endured it but survived and thrived afterward. A story of unimaginable suffering yet glorious hope, this book belongs on every school reading list and in every library. I highly recommend it.

Michelle D., Owner of 1106 Design, Amazon Reviewer


I’m only 3 days into reading the book and I don’t want to put it down! Each chapter builds on itself and exposes you to Afro American and American history in its rawest form. I recommend not wasting another moment getting your copy and diving in headfirst binge style! Bravo AJ Sam!

Angela Y. R., Amazon Reviewer


What the eyes sees and the ear hears may belie the inner truth. I really like the way the author takes us into the thoughts of “James” even as we witness his outward experiences. Intriguing, thought provoking, uncomfortable at times.

Leontyne Middleton, President: Tampa Bay Chapter of ASALH, Amazon Reviewer


A Journey Far: Ibere is a towering work of historical fiction which takes place in antebellum America — the pre-Civil War period. The narrative toggles between “Penelope Farms” plantation in Montgomery County, Maryland and the lives of the Harris family in Boston, Massachusetts.  This juxtaposition is extremely effective at capturing a snapshot of the deep divisions — economic, political, and racial — that had developed between the two regions since the country’s founding. AJ Sam centers – not on political history and intrigue or military battles – but on everyday life in the United States of the time, and how ordinary people reacted to and interacted with those times. AJ Sam displays a great sense of marrying form and function. Using emotive descriptive powers on the page (form) that mirrors part of reader’s state of mind (function), he narrows the gap between the story and the reader.  His writing “voice” is especially appealing — it is open, inviting, and honest, displaying a vocabulary and a vernacular that is easily comprehended by the average American reader. In addition, the authenticity that the author’s astute use of dialect confers is only one small clay tile in the great mosaic of detail that A Journey Far draws for the reader. A staggering amount of research is obviously the foundation upon which this richly textured book stands.

Frank Kresen – Founder of Proof Positive (a proofreading & copy-editing company)


I would HIGHLY recommend this book!!! It’s a great book that tell story about hope. Get your copy now you won’t regret it!!!!!

Crystal R., Amazon Reviewer


In his story A Journey Far, author A. J. Sam chronicles the life of a young black male born into the American slavery system. This book took me through a hard fought journey from the perspective of a young Black child who learned the harsh realities of growing up as a slave without benefit of context or preparation. The character James spends a great deal of his early life learning how to survive and overcome the cruelties of a barbaric system to finally escape to the north. Because of his perseverance and tenacity he receives help and encouragement from unexpected places that ensure his survival. Although James faces many heartbreaks and disappointments along the way, he is smart and resourceful enough to learn from these hard experiences to ultimately begin to carve out a better life for himself that is worth fighting to achieve and maintain. I was captivated with this story from start to finish and I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about African American history and the indomitable spirit of those who were able to survive.

Debra A. Thompson, Author & Publisher, Amazon Reviewer


Hi, another great commentary! This book has so. many highs and lows….one minute you’re eagerly reading and laughing and the next minute you’re sad and angry because of what James and the others had to endure (it’s like having a personal connection to him) and you actually feel what he would be feeling. To GOD be the Glory🙏🏼

Arnita R., Amazon Reviewer


I would like to recommend this book! The characters are full of life and the story line moves along very nicely! I’m 2 days in and I’m on chapter 9. Can’t wait to get home to read more😊

Andrea B.