“…a towering work of historical fiction.”

“A Journey Far is a towering work of historical fiction which takes place in antebellum America — the pre-Civil War period. The narrative toggles between “Penelope Farms” plantation in Montgomery County, Maryland and the lives of the Harris family in Boston, Massachusetts. This juxtaposition is extremely effective at capturing a snapshot of the deep divisions — economic, political, and racial — that had developed between the two regions
since the country’s founding.

AJ Sam centers – not on political history and intrigue or military battles – but on everyday life in the United States of the time, and how ordinary people reacted to and interacted with those times.

AJ Sam displays a great sense of marrying form and function. Using emotive descriptive powers on the page (form) that mirrors part of reader’s state of mind (function), he narrows the gap between the story and the reader. His writing “voice” is especially appealing — it is open, inviting, and honest, displaying a vocabulary and a vernacular that is easily comprehended by the average American reader.

In addition, the authenticity that the author’s astute use of dialect confers is only one small clay tile in the great mosaic of detail that A Journey Far draws for the reader. A staggering amount of research is obviously the foundation upon which this richly textured book stands.”

— Frank Kresen – Founder of Proof Positive (a proofreading & copy-editing company)


“Each chapter builds on itself…”

I’m only 3 days into reading the book and I don’t want to put it down! Each chapter builds on itself and exposes you to Afro American and American history in its rawest form. I recommend not wasting another moment getting your copy and diving in headfirst binge style! Bravo AJ Sam!”

— Angela Y. Russ